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Delirious Ramblings

I'm faaaaaabulous... and you need a big squishy hug. Come get one, sweetie :)

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80s music, african art, alex proyas, alice in wonderland, ambient, amtrak, amélie, artichokes, artwalk, asparagus, atheism, avocados, baking, beatles, bicycling, blade runner, board games, british, british comedy, buffalo 66, c89.5 fm, camping, capitol hill, cheese, clubbing, coen brothers, concerts, cooking, coupling, dancing, dancing queen, danny elfman, david chappelle, david fincher, deadwood, depeche mode, directing, donnie darko, douglas adams, drama queen, driving with no destination, dumbo, earrings, england, erasure, family guy, ferries, fight club, filmmaking, forests, garbage, garlic, gay marriage, gay parents, gay rights, germany, getting lost, greenlake, guy pearce, ice cream, impressionism, independent film, inxs, ireland, jean-pierre jeunet, john lennon, johnny depp, kill your television, kuma, laughing, led zeppelin, lego, lime, logical positivism, loveline, madonna, making up new words, marx brothers, massive attack, maurice sendak, memento, milwaukee, monet, monty python, movie quotes, movies, muriel's wedding, museums, mushrooms, neighbours, new order, new york city, nietzsche, nightmare before christmas, npr, nutcracker, painted nails, parenting, people watching, pet shop boys, peter weir, philosophy, pizza, poetry, portishead, psychology, public transportation, purple, queen anne, radiohead, rain, red dwarf, road trips, royal tenenbaums, san francisco, scotland, screenwriting, se7en, seattle, shel silverstein, silver, single parenting, siouxsie & the banshees, six feet under, skiing, sneaker pimps, snow, southwestern food, spicy food, strawberries, tetrinet, tetris, the cure, the muppet show, the professional, the simpsons, the stinking rose, tim burton, travel, trip hop, van gogh, vegetarian, velvet, vitiligo, weekend getaways, west seattle